Spring, I call it outage season

You probably call this time of year spring; I call it outage season. I’ve learned a lot about power outages after spending nearly a decade working “on call” for PNM. Thankfully our crews do an excellent job of keeping the power on but sometimes things happen, like a car accident or wonderful New Mexico Spring winds.

Here are three things that will help you be prepared in the event of an outage:

  1. A house key – if you’re anything like me (and a good percentage of other New Mexicans) then you might enter your home through the garage. Maybe you don’t even carry a house key. If that sounds familiar, make a house key so you can get into your home when the garage won’t open because of a power outage. Speaking of garage doors, there’s a red emergency release on your garage door. It will help you get out of your garage during an outage.
  2. A smartphone – there was a time that candles were a must during a power outage. Now most of us carry a smartphone making battery powered radios to get news and candles unnecessary. But what happens when you need to charge it? Maybe you use your car charger or invest in a battery powered emergency charger. Whatever you decide, be sure to bookmark pnm.com/outage where you can report your outage and find up to date information.
  3. Your fridge – keep it closed! Many people ask about the food in their fridge or freezer. All your food will be just fine in most power outages because our crews often get it restored quickly. The best thing you can do is keep the doors closed, checking on your food will only let out the cool air.

We watch the weather report with a much different concern. We worry about high winds because we think about outages and the need to put a lineman on a pole in severe weather. I promise, we hate outages as much you do. While you prepare for them, we’ll do our best to prevent them and repair them as quickly as is safely possible. Happy Spring!

Ryan Baca | Corporate Communications
PNM | Albuquerque, NM