Something to count on

All of us want to know who and what we can count on.

It’s in our nature. We navigate our lives by making decisions of who we can trust, what is reliable and who will be there when times get tough.

Having energy when you need it may not come to mind when thinking about what you can count on. But here are PNM, keeping the lights on for customers as the core of our reliability. It’s a responsibility we take seriously, as we should. Providing service that our customers have each and every time they need it is the heart of what we do. But how we go about being dependable involves more than just electricity.

We are able to serve customers reliably because of our people. Did you know that we employ 1,575 people in good jobs? As of next year, we will have been putting New Mexicans to work for a century. Because of the great work of our people, we have invested more than $3 million back into our communities through our foundation and corporate giving. Employees have dedicated more than 4 thousand volunteer hours in our communities and assisted over 3,500 low income families with nearly half a million dollars through the PNM Good Neighbor Fund. Strong communities are critically important to all of our lives. Giving back builds the foundation for progress. And, importantly to you, no customer funds are part of the PNM Resources Foundation endowment.

Not only does PNM provide a reliable paycheck to over 1,500 folks and solid support to the community, it’s a great place to work. I am one of the many employees able to return to school because of the support of PNM through the tuition reimbursement program. As a working mom, the opportunity to join in an online classroom is tremendous. I know that I can count on PNM each semester to help me reach both my professional and personal goals. They are also helping set a strong example of continuing education for my daughters. In turn, I am better able to play my small role in the PNM family that keeps electricity running smoothly to our customers.

So as you are learning the sometime painful lessons of who and what can be counted on, know PNM serves more than just dependable electricity at an affordable price. PNM reliably takes care of their work family, the communities we serve. Power for progress touches all of us and together, we can keep moving forward.

Lela Hunt | Corporate Communications
PNM | Albuquerque, NM