PNM offers a wide range of programs and resources to help our customers use less electricity.


Since 2007, customers have used PNM energy efficiency programs to save enough electricity to power 205,000 average homes for an entire year, saved 481 million gallons of water at power plants and prevented the release of 905,000 metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere, equivalent to pulling 190,000 cars off the road. And, we’re not done yet!

Energy Efficiency Rebates and Discounts

PNM offers many programs that help you save money by conserving energy. Some of our most popular and effective programs include:

  • Home Energy Checkup: This in-home energy assessment will show you how to reduce your usage and lower your bills. A qualified assessor also installs a programmable thermostat and other energy saving measures for you.
  • Home Energy Analyzer: PNM offers an online tool that analyzes your consumption and provides customized tips to help you take charge of your energy usage.
  • Home Weatherization Assistance: Income-qualified customers can receive assistance with home weatherization to reduce power consumption.

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