At PNM, environmental stewardship is a part of our everyday mission. We live and work and raise our families in New Mexico.

Being a strong steward of the environment can take many different forms, and PNM has a wide range of programs and opportunities and backs them up with our employees and our resources. Below are a few examples of how PNM works in and with our local communities to make positive impacts the environment.

Environmental Stewardship in the Community:

  • Nature Conservancy of New Mexico Rio Grande Water Fund — PNM joined others in supporting efforts to protect water resources in central New Mexico
  • Hawks Aloft Living on the Landscape – Working with local schools to install kestrel boxes as a part of classroom education
  • Albuquerque BioPark’s PNM Butterfly Pavilion – Home to more than 500 North American butterflies

Ways you can become an environmental steward:

  • PNM Sky Blue – Choose to have up to 90 percent of your energy use come from renewables.
  • Customer Solar Program – Install a solar photovoltaic system at your home or business.
  • Energy Efficiency Programs – Reduce your bills, save energy and help the environment by participating in one of our many energy efficiency programs.
  • Reduce Your Use Grants – Local nonprofits can receive funding for their energy-saving plans.