To help us keep Santa Fe moving forward, we asked Research and Polling, the most respected public opinion research organization in New Mexico, to survey Santa Fe county and city residents about which issues are most important to them.

Click here to download the complete survey.

We encourage everyone interested in the critical issues being discussed by city and county leaders to read the results of this survey. We believe the people of Santa Fe deliver a very clear message about what they want and do not want for the future of their city.

The poll clearly shows:

  1. Santa Feans share the same concerns as most New Mexicans – economic development and job creation, services for children and teens, access to affordable housing, improving roads, and public safety.
  2. Santa Fe residents want their elected officials to work with PNM to find a way forward. They do not want local government to own and operate an electric utility.
  3. When asked how much Santa Fe residents would be willing to pay to create a public electric utility, fully half of those asked responded “$0.”

PNM is committed to continuing serving the people of Santa Fe and building a strong energy future together. PNM has already invested millions in renewable energy including wind, solar and geothermal as well as energy efficiency programs that Santa Feans benefit from today. We’re making even more of those investments this year, including a solar plant in the Santa Fe area.

We encourage the Mayor and city council to partner with us to deliver more green energy initiatives going forward. We can definitely get more done by working together, even if we don’t always agree.

Powering Progress: help us keep Santa Fe moving forward!

Don’t let some Santa Fe officials take us backwards!