Powering progress
Help us keep Santa Fe moving forward!

Don’t let some Santa Fe officials take us backwards!

For nearly a century, PNM has delivered affordable, reliable electric service to move Santa Fe forward. We’re not stopping now:

family front yard

PNM’s thousands of employees and retirees live and work in our communities. We share the same goals and vision, including economic opportunity, growth and a clean environment for all of us.

SJG plant

We’re planning to close two coal-fired generating units at San Juan Generating Station, resulting in a 50% reduction in coal-based energy from the station.

solar panel plant

PNM has invested $270 million on solar power in New Mexico. We have more than one million solar panels at 15 different solar sites to provide clean energy for our state.

However, some Santa Fe elected officials are proposing a taxpayer purchase of PNM’s electric system and creating a city-owned utility. It’s a misguided effort that could take us backwards.


A taxpayer-funded third party study showed the creation of a public utility could cost up to $250 million. Independent, third-party experts say the cost could actually be four times greater. Taxpayers and customers would be responsible for these costs.


PNM’s continued investment in clean energy is the best way to keep Santa Fe moving forward. Now is not the time to risk the progress we’ve made together.

Don’t let some Santa Fe officials take us backwards!