Birds naturally gravitate to utility structures to roost, nest or find protection from weather.

While birds can safely sit on power lines, they can be electrocuted if they touch certain equipment under the right conditions.

PNM has maintained an active bird protection program since 2006. We also offer educational programs and install avian habitats on power poles to support these efforts.

The PNM Avian Protection Program focuses on several key areas, including:

  • Bird guarding as a routine part of facilities maintenance.
    • In 2014, PNM installed bird flight diverters on 19 transmission and distribution line crossings on the Rio Grande, which is a major thoroughfare for migrating birds.
    • We continued our avian protection efforts by making over 1,600 poles in sensitive locations throughout the state safe for birds.
  • Designing and constructing all new lines and facilities with avian protection in mind.
  • Training PNM transmission and distribution employees in avian protection every two years.

PNM widely shares our knowledge of avian protection with other utilities so they can implement similar programs. We are the founder and ongoing sponsor of the New Mexico Avian Protection Working Group, which trains co-ops and other utilities throughout the Southwest on avian protection best practices.

Osprey Nesting Platform

Osprey Nesting Platform