Driving on Electrons

November of last year I purchased an Electric Vehicle (EV), and I am constantly approached by family, friends and random people on the street asking me, “what are you driving and why does it look so strange”? Well I choose to drive an EV for many reasons, and I am happy to share why.

I always like to tell the story about how I was raised by hippies, a fact about my life that I have always been proud of. My parents taught me from an early age to care about the environment and how to conserve. For me, driving an EV gives me the opportunity to make an impact when it comes to helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. EVs have lower emissions than gasoline- powered vehicles even when the electricity used to fuel the car is generated using fossil fuels such as coal.

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, a community that I am truly proud to be a member of. I come from a family where my dad is an Army Veteran, my brother is a Marine Veteran who served twice in Iraq and twice in Afghanistan, and my sister is currently a Sergeant in the Army. Driving an EV allows me to reduce my dependence on foreign oil and instead use energy to fuel my car that is generated right here in the community that I live in.

I am also an Electrical Engineer. I believe in the potential of EV technology and I want to not only support it but help to ensure that it succeeds. I don’t think at this point in time the technology is perfect, but that is why we need early adopters to support the technology and help figure out what needs to be improved. I am proud to be one of these early adopters and my hopes are that I can contribute to making the technology become better and ultimately cheaper so that everyone has the opportunity to purchase an EV.

I drive an EV for many reasons, but I hope that by making the decision to support this technology that I can make a difference.

Sara Stratton | Project Manager of New Product Development
PNM | Albuquerque, NM