Monthly Archives: August 2015

Why our rate case proposes a change in rate design?

While electricity rate design is exceptionally complex, the short answer is that the way you use electricity is very different than the way you are charged. PNM is proposing a 4-year pilot program that will better align the electricity charges with use through a “revenue balancing account.” This pilot program will measure the difference between PNM’s costs and[…]
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Why we removed the fee for customer-owned solar?

PNM believes the rate structure for customer-owned solar and wind generation needs to change to better reflect both the benefits and the actual costs of solar and wind systems. The company understands that not everyone agrees and this will be a vigorous debate. We will continue to engage all stakeholders in this important discussion and will likely raise[…]
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Our radio messages to customers

Later this week, PNM will re-file a rate case. We’ll explain how this will increase customer bills at that time. Meanwhile, we wanted to let customers know why it’s needed. Listen to our radio messages: English: Spanish:

What’s the good news about electric rates?

Later this week, PNM will re-file a rate case. We’ll explain how this will increase your bill at that time. Here’s some good news though. Beginning January 2016, before our proposed rate change takes effect, reductions in fuel costs could help lower the average residential bill by as much as 7 percent, offsetting the increase.  

New Party Joins PNM Settlement on San Juan Plant

Earlier in August, PNM and four other environmental, clean energy and consumer organizations announced a new agreement that would move the plan for the San Juan Generating Station to address regional haze forward. Since that time, the New Mexico Industrial Energy Consumers (NMIEC) has announced that they will also join the stipulated agreement for San[…]
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