We know you take power for granted.
Thank you! We consider that a mark of our success.

Lights working? Check.

Coffee brewed and hot? Check.

Smart phone charged? Check.

Power for Progress is about the future because electricity is essential to everyday modern life. Our goal for the century ahead is to deliver sustainable, diverse and affordable power in ways that protect the environment and increase the use of renewables providing a balanced mix of energy sources for New Mexico.

Moving forward, PNM is committed to:


Ensuring a sustainable and balanced mix of electricity power production

invest wisely

Investing wisely, supporting New Mexico’s economic vitality, and helping to improve the quality of life for all


Informing our customers about energy efficiency and how to lower their electricity bills


Providing reliable, affordable energy while protecting the environment for future generations

What's Happening

  • Solar Car Races

    PNM Annual Solar Car Race

    I am a strategic account engineer here at PNM and I have been participating with the PNM Solar Car Races since I’ve been with PNM– about [...]
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  • PNM employees work to restore power in Albuquerque after a microburst broke multiple power poles.

    Spring, I call it outage season

    You probably call this time of year spring; I call it outage season. I’ve learned a lot about power outages after spending nearly a decade [...]
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  • Sara Stratton filling up her electric vehicle

    Driving on Electrons

    November of last year I purchased an Electric Vehicle (EV), and I am constantly approached by family, friends and random people on the street [...]
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  • Trust

    Something to count on

    All of us want to know who and what we can count on. It’s in our nature. We navigate our lives by making decisions of who we can trust, what is [...]
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  • Spring Cleaning

    Got That Spring Cleaning Itch?

    If you’re like me, once the daffodils start blooming and the birds begin chirping, I get that spring cleaning itch. I can’t control myself. I’ve [...]
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  • Over The Edge 039

    Employee Inspires Others to Go Over the Edge

    We value the volunteer work our employees and retirees do in the community. I want to share why I nominated my fellow colleague Sarah McMahon, [...]
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